5 Simple Tips for Living Next to Landlord

Everyone’s experience with their landlords is different. Some have a pleasant experience, others have awkward conversations and interactions. For the most part, you mind your business and they mind theirs unless there is a problem. But what if your landlord was also your neighbor? How do you handle that situation? Having your landlord be that close can be extremely uncomfortable, and knowing how live like that is essential. Don't worry, Multifamily Leasing Technology is here to help.

Establish Boundaries

Setting boundaries is important in any tenant/landlord scenario, but in this particular instance, it is essential. In order to live comfortably, you both need to set clear boundaries. For example, you shouldn’t bother them all the time, and they shouldn’t bother you. Act like you live across town from each other. Treat it like a typical tenant/landlord relationship. Just as you don’t bother them, they shouldn’t bother you. Treat each other with respect and respect personal space.